2020 film program

a man closes his eyes and tries to experience what a blind girl experiences


KinShip is more than a 'will she or will she not' story - it is a gentle unfolding of the heart.
Old bearded man looking wise in a study


People hold on to the memory of their cities, and vice versa. Post-war, modern Beirut and its people have lost its anchors in an oblivious...

Beirut Terminus

“Beirut Terminus” explores the notions of borders, identity and belongingness, within a perpetually troubled region of the world.
woman and man standing together

By Chance

A successful businessman finds his life turned upside down after his suitcase is stolen by a teenager whom he followed into a poor...
3 people looking down at camera


Tragedy strikes when the Zayyad family loses its patriarch under mysterious circumstances, leaving the surviving members...
child eating breakfast with noone around

Raining Dogs

Protecting their only child, Marc, from a harsh reality takes a Lebanese couple to extreme measures.
animated still of dead man

The Romey Lynchings

This documentary covers the story of racial violence against Lebanese immigrants in 1929 Lake City, Florida.
man with a trumpet at a piano

We Are From There

Two Syrian brothers in their mid 20s take a leap of faith and decide to start their lives from scratch in new cities.

White Page

The story of Christelle who met Daniel in Prague, where she was studying. Will she have the courage to join him and discover his world?
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Set in the mountains, during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, 11-year-old Wissam is determined to tell his classmate Joanna that he loves her.
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Set in one of the most prestigious theatres in Beirut, actress Aida, leaves the stage to face an uncertain reality.
woman with war paint and colourful dress like bird

Like Salt

While boxing and jazz rely on improvisation, they both have a deep sense of resilience. Hala, an Arab American female boxer...
woman with head sticking out of the car


After two days of pursuits in Beirut, Safi finds his sister Soha and insists on returning her back to the village to marry her cousin...

The Swimming Lesson

Based on a true story, Teenage, Muslim refugee girls in burkinis take a fantastical swimming lesson in Idaho.
mother against green wall

What’s Your Name

"I want to record everything to it slow down because I can't stop it, it's out of my hand. I want her to remember her name."

On The Footsteps of Christ

An invitation to immerse in Lebanon’s immense spiritual and archaeological heritage.


Wanted is a very human comedy about four old people who run away from a nursing home in the name of love and solidarity.






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