Our Organisation

The Lebanese Film Festival is run by the Lebanese Film Festival Association Incorporated, a NSW registered non-profit organisation, founded in 2011.

The aims of the Association are to:

  1. Provide a platform for Lebanese cinema to be screened in Australia
  2. To being a premier international film festival event to Sydney, with a particular focus on Bankstown, improving local accessibility to arts
  3. Providing insight into contemporary Lebanese culture to the large Lebanese-Australian community
  4. Challenging the perceptions of Lebanon, its people, traditions and culture in Australia

Since 2012, the Lebanese Film Festival has screened over 100 films from across the world, that are either filmed or based in Lebanon, or made by Lebanese film makers from Lebanon, Europe, Africa, the Americas and Australia. Each year, the Lebanese Film Festival Association strives to challenge itself in creating an event that is inspiring, challenging and captures the imaginations of its audience. We have now entertained 5,800 persons over four years, and look forward to continuing to bring Lebanese cinema to the big screen in Australia.

The Association has also identified a need for greater accessibility to arts and culture in Western Sydney, particularly in Bankstown and its surrounds. In identifying this need, the Association continues to provide events of the highest quality in the local area, ensuring that the community has direct access to international cinema, and also attracting audiences from across Sydney to Bankstown.

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