Our Team

Camille Lattouf - Director

Camille co-founded the Lebanese Film Festival and has held the role of Director since 2011. Camille is a qualified urban planner, and has recently completed a Master of Development Studies and Culture Change at Macquarie University. Camille's work with the Festival is driven by a desire to see community building and development of arts and culture within Western Sydney, while also providing a platform for the showcasing of contemporary Lebanese stories, of which film is a most telling medium. Camille has a passion and commitment to socio-economic and culture development and sees the Festival as a great project for driving local community growth and development.

Jessica Khoury - Co-Director

Jessica Khoury, co-founded the Lebanese Film Festival and has held the role of Co-Director since 2011. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Film and Theatre and a strong skill set background both on and off set. She also leads the Lebanese Film Festival Judging Panel and has a passionate for the arts in all forms. Jessica has had her in some major feature film productions as well as local short films and television shows. She also has extensive experience in artist and event management and she is focused on building her career onset both in front of and behind the camera. 

Julia Lattouf - Public Affairs and Marketing

Julia Lattouf is Manager, Public Affairs and Marketing for the Lebanese Film Festival. With a Bachelor of Communication degree, Julia has over five years industry experience, working as a freelance publicist, specialising in media relations. Passionate about making arts accessible, Julia co-founded the Lebanese Film Festival Association in 2011 which has become the world’s largest festival of its kind. Julia also currently works in Corporate Affairs for a major financial institution, where prior to this, she worked in the Chief Executive Office.

George Mobayad - Community Engagement and Social Media

George Mobayed is Manager for Community Engagement & Social Media and has been since 2014. George holds a Bachelor in Town Planning degree and currently works as a Transport and Land Use Planner with Transport for NSW. George is fascinated with the travel patterns of people and how they interact with their environment. He has a strong passion for science, sketching, painting and cinema - Arabic in particular. He has a powerful yearning to share the history, beauty, realities and everyday life of the Middle East through Lebanese Cinema.

Matt Kelly - Design and Sustainability

Matt joins the LFF team in 2017, contributing to the graphic design and sustainable operation of the festival. Matt has been involved in the arts from a very young age, a violinist since the age of five and a keen actor during his high school years where he was a member of the college orchestra, string octet and held leading roles in college theatre productions - The Pirates of Penzance, and Into the WoodsMatt’s love of music and theatre encompasses a passion for film.

Matt has qualifications in architecture and urban planning, disciplines that enable him to combine his interests in design, and environment and social advocacy. 

Priscilla Fayad - Operations and Finance

Priscilla Fayad is responsible for managing the Lebanese Film Festival team, and for the operation of the Association. Priscilla lived in Lebanon for eight years and has a strong interest in showcasing contemporary Lebanese culture in Australia. Priscilla has an eight year old daughter and is currently working full time in the development industry. Priscilla's hobbies include film, cooking, music and travel. Priscilla is also behind developing strategic and creative opening and closing night concepts.