Film Submission

LFF Film Submission

Film submissions for the ninth edition of the Lebanese Film Festival (LFF) Australia are now open until Friday, 22 May 2020. The festival will take place in August-September 2020 in Sydney, followed by other states, cities and regional towns across Australia. An annual event, curated by the Lebanese Film Festival Association, a not-for-profit organisation, LFF Australia aims to showcase Lebanese Cinema to Australian audiences. Terms and conditions and criteria apply.

Film submissions can be made via the below link. All submissions are to include a screener for review by the Lebanese Film Festival Association, its judges, and potentially media; as well as any online press-kit or supporting material, for the purpose of promoting the film only.

Contact us at for any queries.

Terms and Conditions:

In submitting your film for screening at the 2020 Lebanese Film Festival Australia, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions of submission:

  • Up to 60 seconds of the film may be used for promotional and marketing purposes of the film and the Festival.
  • The Lebanese Film Festival Australia is not responsible for any costs associated with the submission of the film.
  • The Lebanese Film Festival Association cannot return any material submitted with the exception of DCP film copies.
  • The Lebanese Film Festival Association may pass your personal contact details to media contacts for interviews with your consent.
  • Submission of your film does not guarantee acceptance. Formal acceptance notification will be provided by Friday, 5 June 2020
  • Any person wishing to vary any of the terms and conditions of submission must first notify the Director of the Lebanese Film Festival Australia by email at
  • A film will not be accepted until all of the required material is submitted.
  • The Lebanese Film Festival Australia is not responsible for shipping costs associated with film submission.
  • Internal shipments must be accompanied by a commercial invoice.
  • The Lebanese Film Festival Australia will not handle any sender’s customs clearances.
  • Submission material is to be addressed to ‘The Director’ via courier or post. Contact us at for the postal detail
  • Upon notification of film acceptance, the below must be supplied:
    • A DCP and KDM files for the film (all feature films) or a BluRay, DVD (PAL) or MP4 copy (for short and documentary films)
    • KDM files must allow time for testing of films (1 August to 16 August) and screening of the films (21 August to 5 September), and potentially longer for screenings outside of Sydney)
    • Press kit / material
    • Images and a video trailer

Film Information

The film must be eligible under at least ONE of the following criteria

Please advise the category of the film

All films must include English subtitles where English is not used

Primary Contact Details

Material to be submitted

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following must be submitted as part of your submission

Additional Film Information

Please advise if the film will premiere at the Lebanese Film Festival 2017, or if it has already been shown in Australia

Optional: Do you wish for the Lebanese Film Festival in Australia to distribute your films (to other Festivals and other avenues) in Australia?
(note: if yes, you agree to donate 50% of distribution proceeds to the Lebanese Film Festival Association)

Certificate of Entrant

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree that to the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this document/online form are true; I am duly authorised to submit this film to the Lebanese Film Festival (LFF); I hold LFF harmless from damage to or loss of the film en route due to improper containers or otherwise; the film is not subject to nor is threatened by any litigation; I acknowledge that ALL submission materials become the property of LFF; and that I accept all of the submission regulations and terms and conditions stated within and on the submission form. LFF reserves the right to broadcast films, partial or in entirety, in association with its marketing efforts. Please let us know if you do not wish your film to participate.