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It's hard to believe we are in the eighth edition of the festival - over the years I have watched the Lebanese Film Festival (LFF) grow and evolve, empower and entertain, bringing people from all walks of life together in cinema rooms, discovering the tales and talents of film makers, predominantly from a country that is full of wonder and strength, amongst its weaknesses and struggles.

The festival has continued to support Lebanese filmmakers, programming content sourced from Lebanon, Australia and beyond, connecting us to stories from historic and contemporary Lebanon and beyond. 

I am particularly proud that the festival team are continuously supporting home-grown content, one in particular, 'Palm Beach' directed by my wife Rachel Ward, with a stellar Australian cast and is an example of a national cinema that empowers, entertains and takes you to one of the most beautiful places in our country. Palm Beach employed over 50% of women between the cast and crew, including festival co-director and Lebanese Australian, Jessica Khoury.

Congratulations to all the film makers and to the Lebanese Film Festival team for paving way and setting a benchmark for the younger generation, curating an experience of a national cinema that continues to grow with its audience.

I am proud to be the Patron of this wonderful festival and encourage you to come along.


Bryan Brown AM

Patron, Lebanese Film Festival


Bryan Brown


Bryan Brown is a legendary Australian actor and film maker, known for his many roles in Thornbirds, Breaker Morant, Cocktail, Dirty Deeds and Australia.

Since its inception, Bryan Brown has provided mentoring and support to the Lebanese Film Festival team, by way of providing regular advice on film matters, and providing the technical skill support of a film maker to ensure the festival continues to deliver as a showcasing of film culture.

In 2013, Bryan Brown was named patron of the Lebanese Film Festival at the Opening Night Gala of the second edition.

In 2014, The Bryan Brown Theatre in Bankstown, a newly built state of the art theatre named in honour of Bryan became home to the Opening Night of The Lebanese Film Festival.

Bryan Brown is committed to remaining as the Festival’s patron in the longer term.