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The Lebanese Film Festival film line up is out now.

Festival goers can now browse our full list of films at

Some of the highlights this year include:

1. 3000 Nights: This film, shown at the Sydney Film Festival, is based on a true story of a falsely jailed school teach who gives birth to her son whilst in prison. The story is one of her struggle and hope. A widely acclaimed film, this will be one not to miss.

2. Great comedy line up: We have a great line up of feature comedy films, including 'Very Big Shot', 'Halal Love' and 'Cash Flow 2' which are guarenteed to entertain audiences. 

3. By popular demand: We have had ongoing requests to screen 'Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet', so this year, we'll feature a trilogy of Kahlil Gibran films in addition to the animation film, including the documentary film 'The Prophet' and the classic film 'The Broken Wings'.

4. Some great documentaries: Of particular interest will be the insight into Lebanese prisons through drama therapy. The documentaries 'Scherherazade's Diary' and '12 Angry Lebanese' provide insight and hope amid the misery of Lebanon's prisons.

5. Short films: Once again, the short films submitted show the great promise and hope in younger generations of film makers who are emerging to become great film artists. Shorts such as 'A Time in A Life' and 'Congratulations' show not only the beauties and comic side of Lebanese life, but the talent of film makers in developing great film content.

We invite you browse our film selection and stay tuned for the final program release.