Retrospective: ILA AYN by Georges Nasser

Film Details

Director: Georges Nasser

Country: Lebanon

Runtime: 82 Minutes

Language: Arabic

English subtitles: Yes

Classification: film classified m


Genre: Feature , Drama , Retrospective

Producer: Malek Basbous

Cinematographer: Rodrigue Dahdah

Editor: Georges Nasser

Cast: Nazha Younes, Laura Azar, Mounir Nader, Raouf Rawi, Chakib Khoury, Tannous Dik,

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A family lives poorly in a village in the Lebanese mountain. One day, the father abandons his family and leaves for Brazil, considered as an Eldorado by a great number of his compatriots. Twenty years pass. The mother raises her children with great difficulty. The elder has a family and the younger one is getting ready to immigrate to Brazil. One day a ragged old man arrives in the village. Nobody recognises him, not even his son, to whom he gives his blood to save him.