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Film Details

Director: Philippe Aractingi

Country: Lebanon

Runtime: 104 Minutes

Language: Arabic

English subtitles: Yes

Classification: film classified ma15


Genre: Drama , Romance

Producer: Philippe Aractingi, Rim Chehab, Lara Chekerdjian, Abla Khoury

Cinematographer: Christopher Aoun

Editor: Deena Charara, Julien Tavitian, Marwan Ziadeh

Cast: Hadi Abou Ayash, Ruba Zarour, Yara Bou Nassar, Rafic Ali Ahmad, Joseph Bou Nassar, Lama Lawand,

Company Credits: Fantascope Productions

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Despite living in a doomed country that hangs by athread, Jod, a handsome sound engineer meets and falls in love with strong and free-spirited Rana. The young lovers, from completely different social and religious backgrounds, are drawn closer to each other, only to be pulled apart when Rana falls into a coma. As her parents forbid Joud from seeing her, he finds a new means of communicating with her by convincing Marwa, her sister, to downlaod his voice messages and secretly play them to Rana.