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Le Petit Etranger - Georges Nasser Retrospective

Film Details

Director: Georges Nasser

Country: Lebanon , France

Runtime: 97 Minutes

Language: Arabic , French

English subtitles: Yes

Classification: film classified m


Genre: Feature , Drama , Retrospective , Cannes Classic

Producer: Mario Aractingi, Filmax (Liban)

Cinematographer: Ibrahim Chamate

Editor: Georges Nasser

Cast: Vasso Gabriel, Laura Azar, Chakib Khoury, Suzettte Stellweg, Fabiola Fabre, Lara Larnier, Gaston Chikhané,

Company Credits: Abbout Productions, Nadi Kol El Nass

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Imprisoned, Arnaud, a young student, will spend six months with Francky, a robber sentenced to 10 years and Kader, an offender sentenced to two years for theft. Between these three men, their cohabitation will provoke ridiculous confrontations and tension which is essential to their understanding of freedom.