The Traveller

Film Details

Director: Hadi Ghandour

Country: Lebanon , France

Runtime: 100 Minutes

Language: Arabic , French

English subtitles: Yes

Classification: film classified m


Genre: Drama , Comedy

Producer: Stevan Lee Mraovitch, Romain Richard

Cinematographer: Saro Varjabedian

Editor: Bruno Lefèvre

Cast: Rodrigue Sleiman, Donia Eden, Aïda Sabra, Romy Melhem,

Company Credits: Androma Pictures

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Adnan, a travel agent in a small Lebanese village, has always dreamed of traveling the world, but never had the chance to leave his country. Married with a child, he lives with this fantasy until the day his boss sends him to Paris for business. And so Adnan's dream begins. While there he meets Layla, his young and attractive second cousin who lives alone with her mother, Insaf. Troubled by his infatuation to Layla and by the hustle and bustle of the City of Lights, Adnan begins to question everything in his life, to the point of forgetting his values, identity and family. Lost in his dream, will Adnan wake up in time, or will he risk losing it all?