Film Details

Director: Sophie Boutros

Country: Lebanon , Jordan , Egypt

Runtime: 92 Minutes

Language: Arabic

English subtitles: Yes

Classification: film classified pg


Genre: Drama , Comedy

Producer: Nadia Eliewat, Jinane Dagher, Sabine Sidawi-Hamdan

Cinematographer: Rachel Aoun

Editor: Fadi Haddad

Cast: Julia Kassar, Ali El Khalil, Bassam Koussa, Nadine Khoury, Betty Taoutel, Jaber Jokhadar, Serena Chami, Said Serhan,

Company Credits: Screen Project

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Therese is the wife of a mayor of a small village in Lebanon. The highly anticipated visit of the family of her daughter’s suitor causes much excitement in her life. Therese’s brother, who was killed by a Syrian explosion 20 years ago, still features heavily in the family’s home and looms large through photographs all around the house. Unable to contain her joy, Therese even shares her happiness with her deceased brother – through his photographs – until she discovers that her long-awaited guests are from Syria.